Saturday, June 11, 2011

What an ROI

This week was an amazing week for Embraced.  We were able to give someone a prosthetic leg, which will now allow them to walk again.  Let's just say, there were a lot of tears of happiness at Embraced.  The leg is currently being "tweaked" by a wonderful prosthetist, who indicated that Ms. Nancy, will be on her feet again in the next couple of weeks...more details to come.

From the Embraced vantage point, this of course is a very rewarding...however, interestingly enough, is that we are able to accomplish this just 2 years in, very, no, extremely limited budget.  Which then, makes me very excited about the future.  Excited because I can only imagine the amount of impact we will deliver, when we have a bigger budget.

It is amazing, how much can be done with very little.....however, imagine what we can do, with just a bit more.  Please make a donation, so that we can help to more people like Nancy.  Click Here to make your donation.

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