Thursday, January 20, 2011

creating a movement versus an organization

Anyone that works for a non-profit will tell you how important their organization is to the community.  There are thousands of individuals right now dedicating countless hours to their organization.  But, is this effective?  Is that enough?  Should the focus of a non-profit leader be to build an organization?  

As the founder of Embraced, I am also creating an organization.  But, while my focus is on building an organization, my overall objective is to build and create a movement.  

But, then I am confronted with the proverbial question of chicken and egg...which comes first- the movement or the organization?

As a founder, I am left with addressing and creating both.  But, at the end of the day, I realize that movements are what will get my organization (Embraced) to the next level.  A movement implies basic quantum physics- mass, acceleration and force come to mind.

So, as life has never failed at demonstrating to me that everything happens for a reason-  I did not take two years of physics for nothing...but rather to understand how to incorporate momentum (which is the product of mass times velocity) into my organization to create a movement. 

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