Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Liberia at La Parilla

Besides dental floss, my favorite thing in the whole wide world is the ability, awe and wonder when individuals share ideas and have the potential of turning those ideas into real, tangible outcomes.  I get excited just from typing that thought!

I was so flattered to meet with Amanda, who works for the government in Monrovia (Liberia).  Amanda is an Atlantan who decided that she was going to do something big with her life- something that made a social impact. I listened to her story- how she decided to leave a high end corporate position after completing a compelling volunteer internship.  How she found herself, her happiness through service.  Due to her volunteer experience, she was offered a position working for the Monrovian government.  Although reluctant to turn in her US life for a world away, she knew that this opportunity was her life story- what was going to make Amanda, Amanda.

It was so amazing to meet this inspiring woman- both for the mere fact, that I too, am a woman that shares a common interest- improving the lives of less fortunate individuals and to witness her wondrous spirit.

I will keep everyone updated on the  hospital adoptions in Monrovia.  I have absolutely no doubt (and yes, chills are going down my spine as I type this) that as a result of a simple lunch at La Parilla on Howell Mill, Embraced and more importantly, Amanda, will improve the lives of so many individuals.

Who knows...maybe we can have a soccer match in Liberia after we get done providing them with orthopedic equipment through Embraced.

Dream big because there are a lot of Amanda's out there to make it a reality.

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