Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meeting my idol

This morning I met one of my idols, Carol Cone- the mother of cause marketing.  I was flattered to sit across from this brilliant mind and discuss with her what Embraced has been currently doing, where we are heading and our needs.  If you have not read her book- Breakthrough Non Profit Branding- please do yourself a favor and put it on your next important agenda item.

Who knows what will happen, but I walked away from the meeting with a few thoughts.  First, I walked away validated that Embraced is an "organization".  It is no longer "me"- while I would love to pretend to have "founders syndrome"- I truly want Embraced to grow, provide more services and allow for others to continue the work of Embraced.   I felt like my "baby" went to school today.  A small step on a long journey, but a step that will foster Embraced to have it has its own identity- an identity that some very big players are taking notice of and lending their ear.

Second, I realized just how powerful the message of Embraced is- it is becoming a movement,  a new way of thinking, all the while solving a huge health care issue.

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