Monday, February 21, 2011

Imagine not being able to feel your feet and how scared you would be that you would fall over with every step.  That is how Alysia feels everyday.   At 11:45 am today, Embraced gave her equipment so she can simply take a step with confidence.  

Meet Alysia.  This is her story.

Alysia has drop-foot.  Drop foot is a condition in which nerve dysfunction hinders the ability to lift one's foot off the ground while walking.  Today, Embraced gave her two AFO's, which is a splint that keeps her foot in a flexed position, so she can move her legs without her feet falling under her, potentially causing her to fall and sustain other injuries.  She has already broken her toes as a result of not having the proper medical equipment she needed- AFO's.  

Why does she not have this equipment?  Like many Georgians, she is uninsured.  1 in 3 in Georgia are uninsured. 

 "I applied for Medicaid, but that takes 45 days and I'm still waiting on my case worker to return my call.  I can't take a step without being terrified I will fall.  What can I do?  I called and got a $500 quote for the equipment I needed- which was not helpful because I can't afford it.  Then, thats when a friend of mine heard about Embraced and I contacted you and here I am".  

 In the course of getting her the equipment that she need, Alysia told me this was the first time in 34 days that she left her house.  After she stated this she told me she thought she was going to cry.  I told her that I thought I would too.

After the sentimental "Oprah" moment, we went back to joking around and I learned a little more about Alysia.  She too was a "joke-ster" and we cracked jokes and laughed.  For being in such a hard situation, it was so inspiring to see her in such high spirits.  

She told me how happy she was that Embraced existed because it was a solution for her.  She just wanted to walk and to move without being scared that her foot would turn under her.  She just needed a simple piece of equipment to do so and Embraced made it possible.

But, as always, it was more than equipment that was given.  Alysia was embraced.

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