Sunday, February 6, 2011


I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very special gift recently.  It was a necklace that had a message in Sanskrit- "Shanti"- Peace.  I loved the design, but more importantly the message.  I thought how appropriate because weeks earlier, unknown to the gift giver, I had make a new years resolution, centered around peace.
So, I wore it with more depth and meaning, it was more than just an accessory- but rather a reminder of my life mission.  It became very sacred to me.

And then, in the hustle and bustle of an early morning flight, almost missing my plane and several pat downs from security, my necklace broke.  My peace broke.  

Immediately I launched into the script in my head that immediately plays.  You know, the one that say, "gosh Laur- why can't you be careful.  Why do you break everything?  Why cant you just have something nice for a bit?".

Then, I chuckled.  I grabbed the necklace and started fixing it on the escalators down.   I ignored the fact that I have no nails and huge hands (think :man hands" from Seinfeld, well, not really, but thats what it felt like trying to fix this delicate necklace).

I realized that this (fixing it) now meant more to me than just having a pretty necklace to adorn my collar.  It meant learning to remain calm when an unfavorable situation arises.  It meant learning a new dialogue to put into my head- one that doesn't take away but rather adds positivity to myself.

Calmly, with a couple deep breathes, patience and a knowing that nothing would break my peace, the necklace was mended.

Lesson:  Aim for peace.  Surround yourself with peace.  At times it will get interrupted, get broken, but when it does, have trust in yourself that you possess every capability of restoring it.


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