Sunday, November 28, 2010

a personal tale...

I suppose there might be an ounce of rationality in believing that if you collect orthopedic/prosthetic medical equiment, that maybe by the simple act of being constantly surrounded by it, you might find yourself needing it one day.
Unfortantely, the day came about a month ago for me.  I fell and to my dismay, ruptured my anterior-talo- fibular ligament.  You dont need to be bothered with the details, however, the translation is no walking for 2 months, a few months of rehab,tons of crutch-armpit burns and frustration.
My first week I have to admit, was extremely difficult.  I happen to live on the top floor of a condo with no elavator.  Crutches and stairs don't really go well together.  Throw a dog into that mix and well, you are pretty can do the math.
On top of all of the frustration, I also experienced many life changes during this month- not going to get too personal, but lets just say, nothing is permanent, nothing lasts forever.  Many of these life changes caused me a lot of grief.  I found myself at one point asking "why is the universe doing this to me?".  I honestly felt bad for myself.
And then, BAM!  Well, not really like that...but for dramatic purposes of this blog, I will fast forward the gradual realization into a full on, cheesy, Batman and Robin "Whack!, Baaaaam! Boom!" screenshot.

"The universe is not doing this TO me. The universe is doing this FOR me."

As silly, cheesy, of-centered or maybe even dead-on accurate as it sounds, I realized that through all my frustrations with crutches, all my annoyances with a leg injury, I saw just how one silly ligament being temporarily disconnected in your leg, can really cause a lot of external trauma.  I can not imagine or even comprehend not having a few resources to get me through such a vulnerable time.

I suppose this accident, might be a "happy accident" as a friend once told me.  As a start-up non profit, sometimes, even though you believe in your mission, you feel as if the world might not hear you or that there is not enough of "you" to accomplish your mission.  But, this accident could not have come at a better time because before I realized what Embraced does and what we have the capability of doing.  But, much more than just realizing what Embraced does, right now I feel it. 

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