Thursday, November 4, 2010

wheel'in around

"I need a wheelchair, my friend broke his shoulder and leg.  He doesn't have insurance" says a voice over the phone.  This is such a common call to Embraced.

So, I head to our facility to pick out a shiny, almost new wheelchair for this person who lay in a hospital bed in Atlanta.  I wonder as I am touching this wheelchair, where it has been and where it will go.  How many people have you helped Mr. Wheelchair?  Who have you given the gift of mobility to?  Who has been so relieved to see you and so relieved to get rid of you?

See, the truth is, while being in a warehouse full of crutches, walkers and prosthetics might be a little freaky for the average person....I view it as tremendous...the exponential potential of positivity this equipment has to offer is what keeps all of us at Embraced motivated.

Embraced is providing this link- matching the excess medical equipment that sits idle- under beds, closets, or basements with folks who just need a little bit of help.  We are providing a solution for the healthcare crisis.

Visit to learn more about this BOLD idea for social change.

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